ATS offers a number of training programs designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills to observe and report meteorological conditions, to operate meteorological equipment and to provide the aviation community with current and accurate operational data. Enrolment in courses is on-going and takes place in a variety of locations across Canada. If you have specific training needs or are interested in learning more about our training opportunities, please contact us through the link below for more information.


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Training Opportunities

Meteorology and Aviation Programs

Surface Weather Observer Training Program
ATS delivers eight 6-week ab-initio training programs per year designed to prepare candidates for employment as Surface Weather Observers. Equipped with meteorological instruments for monitoring, recording and transmitting aviation surface weather, these observers provide the bulk of weather information for distribution across the country.
Observer Communicator Training Program
The Observer Communicator training program is a 9 to 12 week program that combines surface weather observing with aviation communications. The formal program is followed by intensive on-job-training and certification which qualifies the graduate to work at any Community Aerodrome Radio Stations or Approach Unicom across Canada.
Training Institute
All training is provided at the NavCentre in Cornwall Ontario. This is a world-class training facility where students are fully accommodated while providing a professional and positive learning environment. For more info, see
Bi-Lingual Training
Training programs are provided in both English and French. ATS professional instructors can easily adapt and modify these courses on demand, to suit the requirements of our clients.

Environmental Training Programs

Aboriginal Environmental Training Programs

ATS Services Limited is a Licensed Trainer for ECO Canada’s BEAHR Environmental Training Programs.

The Advantage of ECOCanada/BEAHR Training Programs Delivered By ATS Services

Build your environmental workforce with community-based environmental training programs. These programs are designed to be short-term, community based, employment focused, integrate local knowledge and offer practical field experience.

Method of Delivery

These training programs are flexible to suit community needs and can be arranged to accommodate a variety of requirements, including delivery location, number of students, and the length of time to complete the required modules.

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Land Use Planning Coordinator - 4 Weeks

This program provides participants with a basic understanding of land use planning, as well as introduces them to key land use planning concepts and a general history of Aboriginal land use planning. Main objectives include teaching students the process of setting up a land use plan, helping students learn how to use these skills to complete a land use plan and understanding that a land use plan must have an implementation plan to be successful. Students will also gain a basic understanding of the regulatory environment in Aboriginal land use planning, which varies from community to community.

Graduates are trained in the basics of land use planning and can assist with:

• Developing a community vision and goal

• Gathering biophysical and cultural information

• Creating an inventory of community information

• The coordination of a community mapping session

• Identifying and assessing land use option

Local Environmental Coordinator - 12 Weeks

A Local Environmental Coordinator assists in protecting and improving the quality of the environment in his or her community. This 12-week program will teach you the basic skills of environmental management, including communication and life skills, developing and implementing environmental plans, integrating Traditional Knowledge within data collection and analysis, and much more.

Graduates will be trained in the fundamentals of environmental management, including:

• Developing, implementing, and monitoring environmental plans

• Integrating Traditional Knowledge within data collection and analysis

• Communication and life skills

• Basic ecological concepts and terminology

Environmental Monitor Training Program - 5 Weeks

This program provides a basic understanding of the theory and techniques of environmental monitoring. Environmental Monitors are individuals who observe the environment and the impacts of human and industrial activities. They communicate this information to various stakeholders and help to mitigate negative environmental impacts. Program graduates are prepared to work on various projects, such as Oil & Gas Operations, Mining, Pipeline Construction, Seismic, Power Generation, Fishing, Forest-harvesting, and much more!

Graduates will be trained in the basic principles of Environmental Monitoring, including:

• Communication & Technical Skills

• Local & Traditional Knowledge

• Health & Safety

• Regulatory Monitoring - Environmental Legislation & Monitoring Effects and or;

• Research Monitoring - Basic Ecology & Research skills