Community Aerodome Radio Station

Community Aerodome Radio Stations (CARS)

ATS provides aviation weather and communications services at Community Aerodrome Radio Stations. Our stations are located at airports across Canada’s Arctic. They are equipped with meteorological instruments for monitoring and recording aviation surface weather. Communications equipment allows technicians in our stations to provide critical operational information to pilots.

ATS operational staff provide a variety of services including aerodrome and vehicle information services and emergency services. We are a vital part of the North American aerospace industry.

Contract Weather Office

Contract Weather Offices (CWOs)

Contract Weather Offices provide aviation weather services at airports across southern Canada. Equipped with meteorological instruments for monitoring, recording and transmitting aviation surface weather, our observers provide the bulk of weather observation information for distribution across the country.

We operate numerous CWOs including International Airports in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

Aerological Observing Station section image

Aerological Observing Stations

Through agreements with Environment Canada, ATS staff carry out aerological observations of the upper atmosphere. We complete aerological observations at specified times everyday of the year and transmit the data to Environment Canada who will use this information in forecasting weather. Our wide reach and consistent reporting facilitated by state of the art technology has established ATS a trusted technicians both for public and private services across North America.