Anemometer — instrumentation for closely monitoring meteorological conditions


Weather conditions for observation can be harsh and unpredictable. To accurately predict weather patterns and potential hazards, you need a diverse range of tools with reliable data. Instruments should be weather-resistant, capable of monitoring conditions to ensure they are repaired and replaced in a timely manner. Whether through remote sensors, precipitation collection, or present weather sensors, you need instruments that are reliable.

In order to provide you with consistent and accurate data, ATS represents a select group of precision manufacturers. Our technical suppliers such as Metek and RPG provide a wide range of state of the art, research grade sensors and environmental monitoring systems across North America. Metek and RPG tests their instruments in a diverse climates, ranging from sub equatorial to Arctic. We guarantee our instruments can handle the heat — and the cold.

Our systems are currently providing precise and timely data at nuclear power plants, government research centres, military installations and Arctic research stations — just to name a few. ATS would be pleased to consult and tailor an instrumentation solution to your requirements. Contact us today!

Remote Sensing Instruments

ATS Services Ltd offers a wide range of Microwave Remote Sensing instruments. From Radiometers such as Humidity and Temperature Profilers, Cloud Radars up to Scintillometers.