Cloud Radar Systems

When considering cloud radar systems, RPG is reliable both for its precision and compatibility. Along with other tools in the RPG series, the cloud radar provides a harmonized microwave profiling suite. They have over 40 years of experience in high-frequency design and more than a decade’s insight into microwave profiling radiometer development. Drawing from years of industry insight, RPG has designed an innovative and cost-effective cloud radars for the detection and analysis of scatterers, of any type, above 10µm in size.

The new radar can observe small cloud drops and ice particles, fog, liquid and solid precipitation. Using a solid-state transmitter, the FMCW Cloud Radar can generate a signal that eliminates risks inherent to pulsed systems. Unlike pulsed systems — in which the pulse shapes distorts as transmitters age — the solid-state system maintains a digital signal that eliminates variations.

Our cloud radar systems are designed to handle diverse weather conditions. Individual components are housed in thermally insulated container. Meanwhile, mitigation systems for rain/snow/fog prevent liquid drops and ice on antenna randomes. A built-in weather station monitors weather conditions on the ground for supplemental weather reporting data. In combination with our HATPRO radiometer, this cloud radar can receive absolute calibration from the radiometer.

  • Accurate absolute calibration, hardware monitoring
  • High spatial, temporal, and Doppler resolution
  • Built-in passive radiometric channel for LWP estimation
  • Rain mitigation system for keeping the radomes dry
  • Data products: full spectra, moments, spectral polarimetry
  • Optional scanning unit for volumetric processing
  • Automated data exchange with RPG radiometers
  • Turbulence, wind shear, fog, and cloud observations
  • Particle size distribution, rain intensity, ice microphysics

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