Doppler SODAR PCS.2000

The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000-24 measure vertical profiles of wind and turbulence, monitors inversion layers and derives stability classes in height ranges from 15 m to 1000 m. A windows operating system controls the sounding and processes and transfers data for processing. The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000-24 are a reliable, cost-efficient tool for operational set ups and short-term campaigns. Their low power versions fits perfectly for mobile stand-alone profiling at remote sites.

The PCS.2000-24 offer easy handling and simple set up, high flexibility in operation and well proven analyzing techniques. They are compatible with multiple software tools ranging from system control, to automatic data storage and further off-line processing, for remote access by Modem (GSM). It provides data analysis and professional graphic displays including time series, profiles, contour plots, statistics for improved usability.

All outdoor antenna components are made from high durable weatherproof and lightweight materials. The electronic units are easy to access, which minimize the need for regular inspection or system diagnosis.

It is possible to power the PCS.2000 via an independent power supply using methanol cell and solar panels. You can integrate all components into a trailer or weatherproof box for installation.

  • Long range acoustic profiler for wind and turbulence
  • Determination of stability classes and mixing height
  • Stationary set up (airports, industrial sites, etc.)
  • Highest performance for demanding routine operation
  • Extended height range 20 to 1000 m
  • RASS option for temperature profiling
  • Compact version of acoustic profiler
  • Mobile system with downsized antenna
  • Easy transportation, quick set up
  • Reliable function in routine operation and campaigns
  • Height range 15 to 500 m

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