FM-CW Doppler Wind Lidar | Wind Ranger

The METEK Doppler Wind Ranger 100/200 are compact, cost efficient and easy to use wind lidars. They derive 3D wind vectors from continuous VAD scans (± 10 ° zenith angle) at a max. rotational speed of 2 rev./s for a designated measuring volume determined by the adjusted focal distance.

The unique frequency modulation provides unambiguous determination of the absolute radial wind without any lower speed threshold. Furthermore, the modulation functionalities inhibit bias such as strong variations of back scattering, typically caused by clouds or distant obstacles during line-of-sight observation.

As such, the Wind Rangers are straightforward to use within forest clearings, street canyons, etc. where strong vertical wind shear is common. Because of the moderate energy consumption, a stand-alone operation in combination with solar power is also feasible. The internal memory of approx. 32 GB collects wind data over long periods.

  • Innovative frequency modulation of laser signal
  • Wind profiling within up to 20 range gates up to 100 m / 200 m height
  • Easy and fast transportation and installation
  • Set-up at sites where wind masts cannot be mounted
  • Easy to operate by web-interface for control and real time visualization
  • Built-in quality control
  • Automatic system monitoring
  • Typical applications: wind farm planning, urban climatology, marine platform instrumentation, etc.

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