Micro Rain Radar MRR-2 & MRR-PRO

The Micro Rain Radar MRR at 24 GHz is a unique meteorological radar profiler. It covers Doppler spectra of hydrometeors in height ranges 15 m-6000 m. With high resolution in time and height, the MRR monitors the genesis of frozen hydrometeors, melting zones (bright band) and formations of rain drops. No matter how difficult your environmental conditions, the MRR has been adapted even for monitoring of avalanches and volcanos.

The MRR system has evolved to be a powerful stand-alone profiler. It is pupose-built for investigations or precipitation and cloud dynamics with low installation and logistics effort. You can install the MRR in a variety of site conditions and adjust system parameters remotely via an access link. The MRR requires very low maintenance and has been used for routine measurements even at adverse sites.

The software of the micro rain radar pro offers a convenient web-interface for system monitoring, data retrieval and file management. Should you require improve network integration, the MRR has implemented data protocols such as NETCDF. Some of its core functionalities include:

  • 24 GHz FM-CW radar, 50 mW, ø 60 cm antenna
  • Determination of Doppler spectra 0 … 9 m/s (ø 0.2 … 6 mm)
  • Calculates rain rate and liquid water content
  • Melting layer identification (“Bright Band”)
  • Height range 30 … 6000 m, max. 30 height intervals
  • Optional antenna heating
  • Advanced processing hardware for Micro Rain Radar technique
  • Vertical profiling of drop size distribution, rain rate and liquid water content
  • Stand-alone system with completely integrated data evaluation
  • Up to 254 height ranges
  • Minimum height resolution 10 m
  • Minimum averaging intervals 1 s
  • Automatic melting layer detection
  • Improved attenuation correction
  • Convenient user interface
  • Data protocols include NetCDF
  • Web interface

The MRR-Pro and MRR-2 complements a larger suite of profilers such as our RPG Cloud Radar Systems. Check out our extensive selection of METEK devices for radar profiling and weather forecasting. Interested in a wider range of services — reach out today via our contact form!