Microwave Radiometers

Whether you need to assess humidity in the surrounding environment or predict fluctuations in temperature for accurate forecasting, ATS has the tools. Our microwave radiometers are your industry solution, provided by Radiometer Physics GmbH — the leading provider of meteorological instruments worldwide. We have microwave and sub-mm radiometers for a wide range of applications. We deliver turn-key systems with fully functional software control and data acquisition with state-of-the-art technology.

Our RPG-HATPRO-G5 series of humidity and temperature profilers is becoming the radiometer of choice for meteorological networks and forecasting systems all around the world. Some of the G5’s core functionalities include: high resolution profiles of boundary layers, 24/7 temperature inversion monitoring; data assimilation for weather and climate models; satellite tracking and atmosphere attenuation for satellite communication.

For hardware, the HATPRO utilizes the Vaisala WXT536 for precise measurement of surface, wind, rain rate, pressure, temperature, and humidity. It contains an azimuth positioner for full sky scanning as well as an IR radiometer for cloud based height detection. An added bonus: the HATPRO monitors itself to keep you appraised of upkeep needs. This mitigates the risk of malfunctioning in the field.

  • 14 channels (22 to 31 GHz, 51 to 58 GHz, 183 GHz optional)
  • Superior direct detection technology: EMI / EMC, parallel
  • Network suitable, control + data flow via Ethernet
  • Data products: IWV, LWP, T + RH profiles, stability indices
  • Better boundary layer T-profiling than radio-soundings
  • Full-sky scanning (350 directions in less than 5 minutes)
  • Ground-based: complementing the satellite view!
  • All-weather proof, reliable, robust… proven!
  • IR radiometer extension for cloud base height detection

Did you know our RPG toolkit includes the microwave scintillator for monitoring the microwave spectrum? Check out some of the other tools at your disposal through ATS Services.