Sonic Anemometers uSonic

METEK’s ultrasonic anemometers uSonic-3, uSonic-2 and uSonic-1 have acquired wide acceptance as measuring sensors for wind and turbulence. uSonics are made from stainless steel and allow an efficient heating to prevent icing. The uSonics are used in eddy-flux installations, operational networks, at wind turbines, among other industries. A convenient user interface offers a flexible adaption to customer needs and includes a quick look of uSonic anemometer data.

A flagship in the ultrasonic anemometers, uSonic-3 Class A represents the most precise solution. It has been designed to meet the scientific needs of small scale turbulence measurement or mast instrumentation. With given optimizations, the flow distortion has been minimized within a wide acceptance angle of 320°.

By comparison, the uSonic-2 Wind is a 2D wind sensor for standard meteorological applications. The uSonic-2 is suitable for all weather types, boasting outstanding flexibility, strong system performance and intuitive user operation.

The uSonic-3 (Spinner) draws from innovations in wind measurements. Designed for wind turbines, the uSonic-3 permits an improved monitoring of the yaw angle and optimizes the efficiency of wind turbines.


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