Doppler Cloud Radar

The pulsed Ka-band cloud radar system MIRA-35 is unique in performance and durability. It delivers a calibrated Doppler spectrum of cloud droplets. These range to 1024 height steps for a vertical range up to 15 km at a typical time resolution of 10 s. This wide dynamic range and the very high system sensitivity allow a tomography of cloud structures even in thin ice layer. Several antenna sizes can be installed in a trailer as mobile platforms.

As a Ka-band system, the MIRA-35 provides a fine Doppler resolution of up to 5 cm/s, while profiling Doppler spectra and reflectivity. It is a tropospheric profiler for long term, unattended observation of clouds. In addition, the 35 offers full hemisphere scanning and 3-dimensional imaging of clouds and structures. It characterizes cloud particles by dual-polarization parameters. Its typical applications range include: meteorological research, wake vortex monitoring, cloud particle characterization, and wind shear detection. The MIRA-35’s high sensitivity allows it to also observe light clouds.

  • Irrigation
  • Water management
  • Hydrology
  • Forest fire warning
  • Weather forecasting
  • Radiation budget studies

While METEK provides our pulsed Ka-band systems, we also provide RPG cloud radar systems. Metek and RPG devices are your ideal solution to long-term meteorological observation with diverse applications.  Check out the RPG series or some of the numerous survey solutions on our instrumentation page.